‘Diptyque’ candle meaning – I am not alone, but I am no longer alone in my journey

‘Diptyque’ is the ancient Irish word for ‘not alone’ or ‘without’ and is a symbol of a person or idea that is not part of the norm. It was used by the Irish to indicate a person who was not part, or part of, the normal group, and therefore, had their own unique story. In recent years, […]

When candle company VVA announces new candles, a history of the industry

The history of candle manufacturing began in 1774 with the establishment of the Virginia Company of Manufacturers.The first production of candles in Virginia was in 1778 with the manufacture of the first commercial candle in Virginia.In 1784, James P. Thomas, the first President of the United States of America, became the first Governor of Virginia.This […]