Candle company’s sales surge in Ireland despite fears of a Brexit backlash

A candle company has reported its strongest year ever in Ireland, with sales increasing by a third and the number of customers increasing by around 70% as shoppers return to the country.

Key points:Sales have jumped by around 30% in Ireland in 2017, with the number in stores up by about 70%Source: Irish Times articleSales of candles rose in Ireland by almost 30% last year, but a large portion of the increase came from the use of cheaper materials.

“We have been able to attract new customers through increased supply and availability,” said Pat O’Donnell, chief executive of Belfast-based Irish Candle.

“It is a real testament to our company’s commitment to the business, and the dedication and passion that we have for our customers and our business.”

Mr O’Connell said the firm’s annual revenue of €9 million had been boosted by sales of candles in the past three months.

“Our growth was in the retail segment, and that’s where our customers have been most interested in our products,” he said.

“They are interested in the quality and quality of the product, and they are interested to buy it.”

Mr Gorman said that as more people returned to Ireland to buy a variety of goods, they were spending more time with their loved ones.

“There is a lot of excitement and a lot more love,” he added.

“In terms of the people, it is really good to see people returning to the UK and seeing the benefits of the new relationship.”

Mr Fergusson said the rise in sales could be down to the introduction of new products.

“I think it’s a natural consequence of the economic recovery, particularly in the tourism sector,” he told RTE’s Morning Ireland.

“People are spending more money, they are spending less and that is going to affect the economy in the long term.”

He added that while there were a number of products being sold on the Irish market, they still did not have a large volume.

“The Irish market is really much larger than we have been used to, which is why I think it is important for people to look at the big picture, especially in the Christmas period,” he explained.

“If you look at what is going on in the UK, and I think the EU is now in the process of trying to create a common economic and social policy, then there will be a lot going on with Ireland in the years to come.”

So it is good for our exports and we hope that will continue to happen.”‘

Birds of a feather flock together’Irish Candle is a global leader in the candle industry, having established itself in the country in the early 1990s.

Mr O, who said he had not worked in the industry for many years, said he was delighted with the company’s success.”

Ireland has a very vibrant candle industry,” he insisted.”

Over the past 20 years it has grown from around 20 to 50 stores a day.

“Every year, we have increased our turnover by around €2m.”

That has allowed us to expand the supply chain and also diversify our products.

We have been very successful in attracting and supporting the Irish business community, and it’s fantastic.

“Mr Phelan, from the Dublin City Council, said the country had become a much more attractive place for business, with “a lot of great people” returning to Ireland for holiday.”

One of the things we are seeing is a big increase in business,” he remarked.”

A lot of people have been travelling back to Ireland and we are still seeing a lot, a lot from overseas.

“He said the council was also encouraging people to invest in the city, as it is “really booming”.”

There are people that are building houses here in Dublin and we have an amazing population,” he noted.”

And there is a new influx of people coming in and coming out.

“Irish Candle operates three factories in Belfast and a manufacturing facility in Dublin, with about 100 people working at the two factories.

Mr Fogarty, the Belfast-born founder of the company, said that the Belfast factory had been working on a range of new candle types.”

Belfast is a great city to work in, and people are going out to the seaside and the countryside and coming back for holiday,” he concluded.”

With that being said, we’re working on new products.