How doji candles have a lot in common with your dog

Didi, the Australian Doji Candle, is the only candle made with a Japanese traditional flower.

Photo: Supplied Didi has a unique, bright red colour and an oval shaped end.

Like most Japanese candles, it is designed to burn for several hours and then fade into the background of the room.

“It is really interesting because it is not like any other candle that has been used,” Mr Kain says.

“The reason why it is different is because it was not meant to burn longer than 10 minutes, and then it fades into the blackness of the next room.”

It’s the same principle with the Japanese Doji candle, where it is supposed to be a one-off product and not to be used every night.

“In Japan it’s used every day.

The end is a little bit longer than usual, but the whole thing is very beautiful and I can’t wait to see what the reaction is from people who are going to have the chance to use it.”

The company said it would not sell its Doji candles in Australia, although it would continue to offer them at a small number of retail outlets.

“We think it is really important that people know that it’s a Japanese candle, and that they shouldn’t put it in their face or have it around their neck,” Mr Koh said.

“If you don’t like it, don’t wear it.”

Does your dog love a Japanese Dojis candle?

Does your pet really love to light them?

Share your story with the ABC’s Dr Dojo.

A few weeks ago, I had the chance not only to test out the Doji candies, but also to see how they perform in real-world conditions.

“I used my two dogs, a collie and a miniature terrier, to see if they could get the effect I was looking for,” Mr Haddad said.

He put his dogs on a chair and left them in the shade for around an hour.

I had to wait for them to get a few minutes to settle down before I got my first whiff of them.

I tried the Dojiboy and a similar candle from another company.

Both looked like they were making a great first impression.

“They’re very good at lightening up and making my dogs feel good,” Mr Mokos said.

“They’re not quite at the level of the doji but they are a lot better than the candle.

It does give them a feeling of calmness and they’re very happy to have it.”

Didi candles are not only very popular in Japan, but are also sold in other countries, including Australia, New Zealand and the US.

“In Australia, we have a large Doji Market that is all about Doji Candles, and there’s a lot of interest from Australian consumers,” Mr Ko said.

I’ve heard it’s sold out on eBay for about $10 each, but I did get a handful of Doji Bongs for $3 each.

Didi candle makers are looking for Australian customers.

Didi is also looking for more Australian customers to buy the candle to promote the Dojo brand.

“Australia is an important market, and we have to promote it here, so we’ve been looking for other suppliers,” Mr Moats said.