‘The Last Man Standing’ Season 4 Finale: Will They Make It to the Final?

The Last Man Sitting, the Emmy-winning show from MTV’s cult comedy series The Real World, is returning for its fourth season.

The episode, titled “The Last Thing,” sees the titular characters of Adam and Sam get caught up in a legal battle that pits the two against each other’s best friends, the Candlestick Park police.

After a lengthy courtroom scene, the two get on a bus with their new best friends to get to the courthouse where the trial is.

Adam and his best friend, Sam, are the two people who have the last thing to say to each other, and they’re on a boat with them, which means the two are on the same side of the law.

The episode is called “The Good Guy vs. the Bad Guy.”

The finale will see the two go to trial, where they will have to choose between a judge and a jury who will either convict them of murder or convict them on the charges of obstruction of justice.

The season four finale is titled “A Good Day To Die,” and it will premiere on Friday, November 9.

It will also be available to stream on MTV’s VOD platform, MTV Video Music Awards.

The Lastman Standing Season 4 will be the series’ final season.