A candle for ‘Tom Ford’ author Jodi Picoult

Jodi picoult is hoping to bring a new kind of candle to the home.

The author of the “The Secret Life of Pets” book and “The New Normal” says she is “making some more candles” to sell to help fund her book.

Her candles are made with natural ingredients, like coconut oil and coconut ash.

The candle makers are a new company called Petite Craft, and the company says they make the candles for people who “don’t want to make candles.”

But Picoult said they have a few ideas to help people make more candles.

Her company, PetiteCraft, has been producing candles for more than a decade.

In January, the company expanded to make a new batch of candles.

The new batch will go on sale next month.

Picoult plans to sell about 5,000 candles.

The company says the candles are handcrafted from real wood and bamboo, with a natural fragrance.

Some of the candles have a “pink glow” that reflects the natural color of the wood.

Some candles have “orange-red” color that is a reflection of the fragrance of coconut oil.

The candles are a “new approach to candles,” Picoult told ABC News.

“There is a lot of beauty in the natural ingredients.

And it is just as simple as that.

They don’t require any chemicals.”

Pamela B. Fagan is a senior writer for ABC News Magazine.

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