When you think mosquitoes, think candle: CBC News

Posted September 01, 2018 07:07:18 A Florida man is asking the public to keep a candle burning during the Zika epidemic.

And he’s using a mosquito repeller to do it.

Trent Witherspoon, who has been using the repellents in his house since October, told CBC News he uses it because he believes it’s a safer way to fight mosquitoes.

“We have this misconception that the Zika virus is spreading through the air and that we’re putting it in our faces that we have to be extra careful, that’s not true,” he said.

“If you’re a mosquito, you have to have that fear, because if you’re not scared, you’re going to spread it.”

Witherspont says he’s used the repeller for two years.

He’s seen it as a deterrent against mosquitoes, but he doesn’t think it’s really worth the risk of catching one.

“I’m just so glad that I’m not using it,” he told CBC’s Power & Politics.

“It’s just a fun way to make me feel better.

And I know if I was in the situation that I’ve been in, I would be so afraid, it would kill me.”

Witherington has been trying to make sure he doesn