Trump, Pence clash over soy candles

Vice President Mike Pence and Vice President Pence clashed over soy candle sales in the West.

Pence, speaking to reporters in the East Room of the White House, said the “unfortunate” situation in Kentucky was due to the state’s lack of a federal safety standard for soy candles.

Pence said the federal government does not have a “blanket prohibition” against the sale of soy candles because of its wide variety of ingredients and the fact that the United States does not require labeling of soy products. 

“I’m a believer in a marketplace where all products are tested, and when we test something, we label it,” Pence said.

“So, we know it’s safe, but we don’t know whether it’s good for you, and I think we need to do more testing, and we need some guidance on the way that this should be done.”

The issue has been a topic of discussion since Kentucky’s new governor, Matt Bevin, signed into law a bill that mandates labeling of all foods that contain soy.

But while the measure allows companies to sell soy candles, they cannot sell them directly to consumers. 

While the bill is designed to allow companies to market the products, it still leaves the door open for them to pass the label to consumers through distributors. 

The state’s attorney general, who was also a supporter of the bill, has told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he has received no complaints from consumers about the use of soy-based candles. 

Pence’s statement comes after a tweet by the president that appeared to endorse soy candle sale in Kentucky. 

 “Thanks for the great job Kentucky did with our new SB 2025, which allowed us to create a statewide list of soy candle producers,” Pence wrote.

“I’m proud of our new Soy Candle Alliance and look forward to continuing to work with you and other states to ensure a safe, safe, and affordable product.” 

The Kentucky bill also allows for the state to impose a one-year moratorium on the sale and distribution of soy candies after the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues a final regulation for the industry. 

President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that he was happy that Kentucky passed a “very positive” law to protect soy candles from being used in the manufacture of consumer products.

“We can’t have more soy candle makers in Kentucky,” Trump wrote. 

Kentucky’s new bill does not address whether soy candles should be labeled. Read more