When I went to the spa to get my hair cut

I had a spa appointment.

It was my first time in a salon.

I walked into a small room with three women dressed in white and brown, and there were four chairs for a total of six people.

All of them had one thing in common: They had been asked to remove their hair for a client who was in need of it.

As I waited, the two blondes from my first appointment approached and said they wanted to do their hair, too.

“That’s my client,” one of them said, then gestured toward the three women with their long black hair.

I turned to the blonde and asked her, “What is that?”

She said it was her hair.

It wasn’t a salon cut, but I could tell she was really into the idea of doing something with her hair that was really neat and styled.

“It’s beautiful!” she said.

The blondes were both dressed up in their best, white-striped outfits.

I asked them what they were up to.

They both said it wasn’t glamorous, but they loved it.

They wanted to get rid of their hair because they felt it was “dumping” their beauty routine.

I told them it wasn, but the blonde explained, “I’ve been doing this since I was seven years old.

I don’t like to take the same clothes off every day.”

I then asked if they wanted a blow-dryer, and she asked if she could get one.

“Yeah,” she said, and turned to her friend, “Let’s get a blowdryer!”

And that was that.

The blonde told me that she wanted to have her hair cut in front of other people, but that she didn’t want to put on makeup.

“I want to have my hair to look like this,” she explained. “But I don