Why I’m Not a Candle Clipartist

I don’t do any actual work.

I’ve been doing a lot of freelance and personal stuff since my father passed away a couple of years ago. 

I love being a mom and I do love being creative.

I love my daughter.

But when I look at the candle-clipart thing, it just doesn’t seem right to me. 

“What if I just do my job and let her do her job?” 

I think it’s kind of stupid to have your daughter do something that you don’t want her to do.

You don’t know if you’re going to do something for her, or you don and she doesn’t.

You can’t control what she does.

And you don`t have any control over your daughter either. 

When she’s in the mood to make something, she doesn`t know if she wants to do that.

You just can’t really control her. 

You`re a mother.

You want your daughter to have a good life, and you want her safe, and she needs to be with you. 

So, I can see how this would be kind of weird. 

The Candle Clip Art Blog was started by an ex-boyfriend of my daughter`s, who I didn’t have a relationship with.

He was really, really cool to her, and he would make her some candles, and we would talk about things like that.

And he`d make her draw a bunch of them. 

She was like, “You can do whatever you want, but I can draw anything.”

So, she started doing that for a while.

She was drawing little pieces and she would take them to school.

And she would go, “Hey, this is my little candle.”

And she was like “Oh, my God, I’m gonna draw a picture of this thing.”

And I was like … that`s really weird.

And then she started drawing more.

And I`d say, “OK, that`ll do.

I`ll show you some of my favorites.”

She did some really cool stuff with the little pieces. 

And then she had a big thing where she would start getting really really inspired.

She would draw a little thing on her computer, and people would be like, that looks really good.

She drew a lot more of these little candles, like, just little pictures of flowers and stuff. 

It kind of seemed like it would be fun.

I was really happy that she was getting some love.

But I think it was kind of a weird thing. 

My daughter did have a lot to contribute to this, but she also has to have her own space.

So, it seemed like a weird choice.

She didn`t want to be the only one who did this thing.

So I started the Candle Clip art blog, and I wanted to give her the same space that I had for her.

So she was allowed to do what she wanted to do with it, and to draw as much as she wanted. 

But it kind of felt like, at that point, I didn`re really sure that I was gonna be able to control what her art was, because she would be drawing so much stuff, and the people around her wouldn`t be able control her, because they would be getting all these pictures of candles, so I was kind like, I`m just going to let her be who she wants. 

Now, that wasn`t really my intention.

It wasn`s just a kind of fun thing to have happen, and a little bit of a fun thing for her to enjoy, too. 

If she didn`T like what I did, she was just like, it`s fine.

She`s not going to have to do anything.

I can do what I want. 

We`re friends, and they`re like, “No, no, no.

I know that I can make you candles.” 

And so, that is kind of what we did.

She wanted to draw a lot, and then I wanted her to draw more. 

What I learned about my daughter, that she is a creative person, and that she enjoys the process of drawing, is that she loves to be creative.

And, she really enjoys being able to create something out of nothing. (Laughs.) 

I really love her.

And if I could take away any advice from this whole thing, what I would say to her is that if you want to do this, don`T be afraid to do it.

If you don´t want her, don’t be afraid. 

Do it. 

This is how you can be a mom, and not be afraid of your daughter, and enjoy it.

And let her make her art. 

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