Aussie designer says ‘glass candles’ make for a beautiful way to light candles

Posted January 25, 2018 12:03:36 AUSTRALIAN designer John Cawley, who was inspired by candle waxes in his native New Zealand, has created a new line of glass candle jars for sale.

Glass candles have become a popular way to create a candle sparkle.

“I thought I’d do something different and bring them back,” Mr Cawleys head of design at Candleworks told,au.

The jars can be made in the standard glass form, or a variety of colours and shapes can be used.

They are available in different sizes and styles, from a pint jar to a large glass jar.

Mr Cawks head of marketing and communications at Candle Works, Simon Dutta, said Mr Caws inspiration for the jars came from candles that were traditionally used in Australia.

“When you have a candle burning in your house, you’re going to want to have a good candle and it’s going to need a good flame, and we’re talking about the glass form,” he said.

Candleworks Glass Candles are currently on sale for $100, or about $150 for a 10 pack.

He said he had already sold about 100 of the jars since launching the new line in September.

“We’re selling them in different styles, different colours, we’ve got a bunch of different sizes,” Mr Dutts said.

“It’s very much a Christmas tradition to buy the candle wax, so it’s a way of making sure that your kids are having a really good time when they go to Christmas.”

Mr Caws head of communications, Simon Cawkes, says the jars make a wonderful way to sparkle a candle.

Cawley Glass Candle Jars are available at CandleWorks website.

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