How to get the right candle colour for your home

The candles that light up the room have become a staple of our lives.

And they’re still a staple.

According to the latest survey, just over half of respondents say they have seen candles that look the same on different surfaces.

And when they do, the colours often seem to be the same, even though the manufacturer has changed the material, and some have been re-purposed.

But what are the best candles for different occasions?

What is the best candle for when you need a little extra warmth?

In the video above, we’ll talk to candle manufacturers, and learn how to pick the right candles to match your home décor.

We’ve also covered what to do if you’re looking for the perfect colour for the night, and why it’s important to pick your own colours.

And if you want to keep things simple and light, we’ve covered the best DIY candle projects you can do with your home.