Why candle companies are a big hit with the US market

The US is home to the world’s largest candle market, according to data from the Australian National Firebranding Council (ANFC), which reported last week.

The market in Australia is also one of the biggest in the world, with about 70 million candles sold annually, compared to about 25 million in the US.

The ANFC estimates there are around 40 million candles in use worldwide.

While the Australian market is still a relatively young one, there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that the US is a much bigger draw for Australian customers, too.

Last year, for example, candle companies from New Zealand and the US were the top two selling countries in Australia, according the ANFC.

In Australia, companies like Candle Supply are the preferred choice for Australian consumers, with more than 80 per cent of customers choosing to purchase their products from Candle Supply.

And there’s little evidence to support the belief that the United States is the world leader in candle making.

Australia’s candle supply was only around 3 per cent in 2016.

What’s in a candle?

Candle making involves turning a piece of wood into a product and then selling it.

There are a few basic types of candle making: wood-fired, coals, and briquettes.

Flowers, shrubs and herbs are also common in candle-making.

Wood-fired candles are typically built with wood pellets.

Coals are typically made from coal, and are used in small quantities.

Brighter colors are often produced using artificial lighting, usually fluorescent, which can be found in a variety of different brands and sizes.

Many manufacturers sell products with a unique shape or pattern that is a blend of natural colors.

When it comes to the ingredients, many candle manufacturers also use natural ingredients, like rose petals, lemon balm, lemon grass and other ingredients.

Other commonly used ingredients include: water, alcohol, and fragrance.

Some candles can also contain a natural flavoring like cocoa, cocoa butter or honey.

If you’re wondering what your candle might look like, here are some more tips on how to find the perfect candle.

The most important ingredient in a good candle is the wood.

Candles made from wood tend to be darker in color than those made from coals.

Most candles will have a light brown color, but it’s important to note that most candle makers use wood that is between 20 and 30 per cent lighter in color.

Candles that are made with natural materials will also look a little bit different.

A candle made from a natural material will have fewer natural scents, while candles made from synthetic materials will be slightly darker and less colorful than those produced with natural ingredients.

You can see what a candle will look like by using a candle chart from the ANFCC.

The chart shows the various types of candles and how they are manufactured.

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