The Virginia candle supply company went out of business due to the flameless candles

The Virginia Candle Supply Company went out the business in 2015 after being sued for misleading consumers about its flamewares, according to a lawsuit filed by a former employee.

The company was forced to liquidate the business after it was accused of misleading consumers on the availability and price of its flammeless candles.

The candle supply companies owner, Elizabeth “Vicky” Miller, and former vice president of marketing and distribution, Mike “Mikey” Williams, were both charged in January with one count of fraudulently promoting a counterfeit product.

Miller and Williams are accused of marketing a flamelike flamethrower, which they advertised in advertising as a “root candle.”

The flamable candles were designed to burn a root and have a flame that could ignite in a fire, but the products also have a much more dangerous and destructive effect.

According to the lawsuit, Miller and her co-defendants had a history of misleading and misleading consumers by using the word “flame,” “flash,” “flame” and other terms that mislead consumers, and by falsely labeling their products as “root candles.”

The company made false claims to consumers that its flams are more efficient than regular candles and that it was making “real candles.”

In fact, the company claimed to have a “one-year” supply of the root candles, which were only available at a local flea market, but also said that customers would receive the product as a gift.

When Miller told customers that their root candles were flammable, many refused to return the products, according the lawsuit.

The complaint also alleges that Miller was aware of the flammability of some of the products and told her employees that they could use them to burn or blow up any item, including their children, pets or pets.

In the lawsuit filed in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, Miller said that she was “heartbroken” that her company had gone out of existence.

“I am heartbroken because my employees who are dedicated to providing quality products to the consumer have been fired, I am heartbreak because this is the kind of behavior I never thought would happen to a company that I love,” she said in the lawsuit on Monday.

“It is an unfortunate consequence of this industry and it is unfortunate that it is happening in the United States, but it is a reality of life for the many people who work in this industry.”