How to make a lavender candle

The following post contains spoilers for Lavender Candle #6, the second in our Lavender and White Rose series.It’s a beautiful, subtle lavender fragrance with a sweet vanilla aroma that pairs with vanilla.It pairs perfectly with lavender and vanilla blends.Lashes of lavender flit across the skin, softening skin tones with a slight spice.Layers of warm, amber-y […]

Candle labels for Kringle Candle jars

When you buy bulk kringle candles, you can expect to pay between $20 and $30 for each one.But with a brand-new Kringles brand new candle, you’re going to pay a whopping $130,000, according to a new report.The candle-labeling company called Kringlabestor, which specializes in candles for weddings and receptions, estimates that each Kringlar Candle sells […]

New Zealand has a lot to celebrate with its candle warmer competition

New Zealand is celebrating the Lunar New Year with a new candle warmer contest, where thousands of lanterns will be used for the traditional festival.The candles will be lit in front of the Auckland Museum and Garden from 9am on February 15, with a competition to win one of four $15,000 prize money awards.The first […]

Cristiano Ronaldo tops the list of Christmas gift recipients, with $10,000 christmas decoration

Cristiano Madrid has become the first player to top the list for gifts given during Christmas season, with the Portugal star giving $10.5 million in gifts to his 11-year-old son, Ronaldo.The Portugal star received his Christmas present on December 25, the day after he had scored the decisive penalty against his country in the World […]

What do diy candle makers have in common?

Diy candles are small plastic bottles with a thin plastic lining.The bottles are made by the diy, a company that specialises in selling decorative and artistic candles.They have a specialised niche in Asia, with an increasing demand in China and Japan.Diy’s founder, Yuki Kawasaki, says the company is the biggest manufacturer of diy bottles in […]