What the hell is this weird little thing called a wooden candle holder?

In 2016, the U.S. military officially banned the use of wooden candles, and in 2018, the Department of Defense issued guidelines for when and how they could be used.The guidelines are meant to protect people from potential injuries, but many military personnel are still reluctant to give up their wooden stoves.“I’m just going to go […]

5 ways to bring back Christmas in 2017

“The holiday season is the season when people want to be loved,” said the Rev. Robert D. Hennard, pastor of St. Thomas More Parish in Florida.“People want to feel loved and safe and safe in their homes.”In this Nov. 8, 2016 photo, the Revs.Robert Hennards and Paul Roesler, right, sit in the choir room at […]

This candle holder uses a taper candle holder for a candle you can use anywhere

You can buy a candle holder that uses a standard taper or taper taper, but this one uses a ceramic taper and a taperside candle holder to create a unique taper-taper design.It’s a great way to create the most beautiful taper candles on your shelf.The ceramic tapers are actually made from a ceramic mix that’s […]